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How to Find and Use Bitcoin ATMs in Taiwan for Foreign Visitors

Are you a foreign visitor looking to buy or sell bitcoin during your time in Taiwan? Using a bitcoin ATM can be an extremely convenient way to get started with cryptocurrency while traveling. Taiwan has emerged as one of the leading adopters of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in Asia, making it an attractive destination for crypto enthusiasts.If you're looking to find a Bitcoin ATM, feel free to contact HzBit.

The Rise of Bitcoin in Taiwan

According to the Taiwan Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Association, bitcoin and virtual assets present major opportunities for Taiwan's future economic development. A few key points from their whitepaper:

  • Bitcoin can serve as a store of value and hedging asset similar to gold for Taiwan

  • Bitcoin mining could complement Taiwan's renewable energy initiatives

  • The Bitcoin Lightning Network enables low-cost global remittances

  • Blockchain technology drives fintech innovation Taiwan can harness

While regulatory policies are still developing, Taiwan is viewed as a crypto-friendly nation taking proactive steps to study use cases and promote the virtual asset industry. Over 5% of the population already owns bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Why Use Bitcoin ATMs in Taiwan

Bitcoin ATMs offer unique advantages for foreigners looking to buy cryptocurrency during their Taiwan visit:

  • Fast and easy way to acquire bitcoin with cash

  • No bank account or lengthy ID verification required

  • Conveniently located across major cities

  • Support staff available to assist

While fees can be higher than exchanges, the accessibility and ease-of-use make bitcoin ATMs ideal for international travelers in Taiwan.

How to Find Bitcoin ATMs in Taiwan

One of the leading bitcoin ATM operators in Taiwan is HzBit. They have over a dozen bitcoin ATM locations in Taipei, Taichung, Taoyuan, Kaohsiung and other major cities.

To find a HzBit bitcoin ATM near you, check their website at for an interactive map of all their ATM locations across Taiwan.

Some other companies like Bitetypay and CPeminers also operate bitcoin ATMs in certain Taiwanese cities that you can locate online.

Using a Bitcoin ATM in Taiwan

Using a bitcoin ATM in Taiwan is a straightforward process:

  1. Find a bitcoin ATM location convenient to your visit

  2. Have your mobile crypto wallet address ready and cash on hand

  3. Follow the ATM's instructions to input how much bitcoin you want

  4. Insert your cash

  5. Receive the cryptocurrency instantly in your mobile wallet

Most ATMs have instructions in English and Chinese. Staff are also available by phone if needed. The entire process typically takes just a few minutes.

Major Bitcoin ATM Locations for Visitors

Here are some major HzBit bitcoin ATM locations for visitors to major Taiwanese cities:


  • Address: 10F, No. 290, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da'an Dist.

  • Google Map Link




Visit their website for the latest hours and additional ATM locations across Taiwan cities.

The Future of Bitcoin in Taiwan

With its strong tech industry, young demographics, and open regulatory approach, many experts predict Taiwan will remain at the forefront of bitcoin and blockchain innovation in Asia. Convenient bitcoin ATMs across major cities will likely play a vital role in driving public adoption as this ecosystem expands.

So whether you're a seasoned crypto trader or just getting started, don't miss out on the chance to experience Taiwan's vibrant bitcoin scene during your visit. Stop by a bitcoin ATM and join the growing movement!


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