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Cryptocurrency Trading Platform


Chain Branch XREX


The X in XREX refers to Exchange, and REX means King in Latin, which means that XREX has great ambitions, and they want to be the king of digital currency exchanges. At the same time, XREX is also a "neo fintech" start-up company that works closely with banks, governments and certified users, hoping to jointly rewrite the definition of finance.
And based on blockchain technology, create a cross-border confluence platform shared by multiple parties, so that everyone can participate equally and contribute to the global economy.
Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Taipei, XREX brings together top international talents in the fields of information security, legal compliance, digital currency, financial technology and cross-border payment to provide one-stop innovative solutions.


Digital check BitCheck

Provide the safest free online performance guarantee for your cross-border trade and international payment


BitCheck provides safe, instant, and trustworthy online performance assurance and instant payment services to receive and pay cryptocurrencies and funds with minimal risk


✔︎ Trustworthy

The performance-guaranteed BitCheck acts as an independent third party, and the payment can only be released after both parties to the transaction fulfill their respective responsibilities and agree.


✔︎Efficient and instant

Easily and instantly send and receive Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD stablecoins, XRP, Solana and more, putting your global business and transactions at your fingertips.


✔︎Safety and peace of mind

Only users who have passed real-name verification can use BitCheck to receive and pay, enjoying the safest online performance guarantee. The XREX team has decades of information security experience, and your safety is always the first priority.

Regulation Technology 

XREX on Regulatory Technology (RegTech)A lot of efforts have been made, such as cooperating with the digital currency security company CipherTrace to filter the global "blacklist", so that terrorist organizations and arms companies are excluded from the category of account opening; in addition, the company has also made many "fake wallets" to allow Hackers cannot easily break through the network, increasing the difficulty of stealing company assets, and also adding more time for the company to strengthen prevention and prevent assets in the exchange from being stolen and withdrawn. In addition, XREX has very strict risk control and control over the company's assets. There are layers of security mechanisms including multi-signature wallets. Even the founders cannot misappropriate the assets of the company or users.





Binance Exchange, the virtual currency exchange with the largest trading volume in the world, also has the most service items.

It also has its own blockchain: BSC Binance Smart Chain, on which many decentralized projects are carried out.

​ Binance has a variety of wealth management products. If you want to conduct cryptocurrency fixed deposits, mining, NFT transactions, contract transactions, and dual-currency wealth management, you can find corresponding services.

BinanceThere are also numerous virtual currency currency trading pairs, and there are also lightning exchange services that can easily exchange one currency for another.

BinanceThe depth (liquidity) is also sufficient, and there will not be too much slippage, which is especially important for traders with large amounts.

From time to time, there will be various activities, such as new currency subscription lottery (such as IPO lottery subscription), DeFi financial transactions, spot transaction discounts, contract transaction discounts, etc.

​Security section,BinanceIt also launched the User Security Asset Fund (SAFU), which is used to ensure that when there is an accident with the funds, the funds in it can be embezzled to compensate users, and to ensure that users' funds will not be lost, which is one of their security measures. Like in 2019,BinanceOnce 7,000 bitcoins were stolen by hackers, the SAFU mechanism was enabled to compensate users at that time, and all users' funds were not damaged.

​ can be said to be a very versatile and convenient exchange.


Huobi Huobi Global


​Huobi Exchange, is an established exchange since September 2013.

It has its own blockchain: Heco, which provides users with great convenience. Compared with Bitcoin's Omini and Ethereum's ERC, the handling fee is much cheaper.

It used to be the world's top three exchanges with a huge number of users.

The top three exchanges are the easiest targets for hackers, and it is commendable thatfire mustSince its establishment, there has never been any user loss due to hacker attacks.

Internally, there is a full-time security team to monitor the platform, accounts, wallets, and company personnel to ensure internal security.

​ external,fire mustUsing the security control system developed by Goldman Sachs Bank, it has a professional distributed architecture and anti-DDOS attack system to maintain the information security of Huobi users.

besides,Huobi GlobalAn investor protection fund is also launched, which will purchase HT platform tokens from 20% of the income (handling fee) obtained from the transaction and put the tokens in the fund. If hackers are really attacked, this fund can be used to compensate user.

also,fire mustThere is also a security reserve fund, which has prepared 20,000 BTC and placed it in an independent address. If any unexpected situation causes user losses, the user will also be compensated from this reserve fund.

With so many protections, it can be said to be the safest virtual currency exchange, which is deeply loved by users.



Max Maicoin

As the first compliant exchange in Taiwan, on October 1, 2021, it submitted the statement of compliance with the "Measures for Preventing Money Laundering and Combating Terrorism of Virtual Currency Platforms and Trading Business Enterprises" by the Financial Supervisory Commission, and was the first virtual currency company to submit the document. Became the first formally compliant trading platform in Taiwan.

It can accept NTD transfers to exchange cryptocurrencies, and provides 29 NTD trading pairs without the need to transfer NTDs to USDT, allowing you to easily exchange cryptocurrencies.

​ security aspects,MAX ExchangeAll data communication is encrypted by SSL, and the patented technology AMIS WS threshold signature and multiple monitoring are applied to protect the safety of users' personal funds.

If it is due to system security issues, hackers have caused financial losses, you can apply to the platform for compensation, but if it is caused by improper password protection, you will not be compensated, so you must keep your account password and enable two-factor authentication.

MAX ExchangeThere is also a trust cooperation with the bank. The user's deposit money is stored in the special trust account of Far East Bank. The exchange cannot directly use the funds in this account.MAX ExchangeThe information security has added a layer of protection.

​ is a high-quality Taiwanese local exchange.




The BitoPro exchange was launched by the Bito team. The Bito team first launched the virtual currency wallet BitoEX in 2014 to provide services for individuals, enterprises and financial merchants. In 2017, the Bito exchange was launched in response to market and international trends. .

At present, BitoPro provides functions and services such as Taiwan dollar deposit and withdrawal, fiat currency and stable currency purchase of virtual currency, BITO currency, convenience store purchase of virtual currency, TTCheck digital gift card, and coin trust debt management.

As one of the three major local exchanges in Taiwan, Bitopro Exchange also has an office in Taipei 101. Although it is not a retail store, it is also a physical exchange. The evaluation has always been well-known. In addition, Bitopro also provides online Chinese customer service The service solves the problem instantly for the user.

Bitopro Token has six pillars in terms of security:

  1. Operation: The working capital is deposited in the cooperative bank in comparison with the financial institution, and the amount is hundreds of millions.

  2. Money laundering prevention: Real-name certification issued by Zicheng United Accounting Firm (PwC), and it is the first registered exchange in Taiwan to implement KYC real-name certification.

  3. Information Security: Obtained ISO 27001 information security system architecture certificate, user assets are managed through cold and hot wallets and private key layered structure, the operating system complies with ISO 27017 and 27001 standards, and implements double authentication to ensure user account security.

  4. Asset protection: CYBAVO, a world-renowned white hat hacker team, provides virtual currency asset security services and insures user assets, underwritten by Nord Insurance Brokers, an AA-rated international insurance company from Standard & Poor's.

  5. Government-enterprise cooperation: entering the FinTech Space financial technology innovation park led by the Financial Supervisory Commission and conducting cross-industry cooperation with enterprises (such as cooperating with FamilyMart to issue NFT).

  6. Institutional corporate partners: CYBAVO, PwC, Dow Jones, etc.


Other trading platforms
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